Thursday, June 02, 2005


Was waiting for the mess room to be unlocked during lunch time.
I checked with the people holding onto it and was told that the key had been taken away by someone else.
The door was locked and there was no way I could get inside. It may sound totally nonsensical but I could actually hear the carrom board calling out to me from in there. The carrom seeds were also jumping around trying to seek my attention.
But all I could do was look through the small glass panel of the door at them.
So near yet so far.
They could only see me and not feel the warmth of my hands.
It pains me to see them like this.

It happened that there was a sick bed right outside the mess room which is meant for pre-enlistees who don't feel well.
I don't feel well too,
knowing that it's such a waste not to be using it myself.
The bed is located at the corner and it's difficult to spot unless one is going to the mess room or into the Lab station. Knowing that it was break time and that there weren't any pre-enlistees in need of lying down, I could actually sleep on the bed and escape freely if I were to get caught.
But to be realistic, I could still get into trouble even with these excuses.
The bed is meant only for the public and it would be very unsightly if any outsider were to see a worker sleeping on it.

Fuck this shit lah.
My sleep is more important than anything else.
I laid on the bed and made myself comfortable.
That could be it.
That could be my next sleeping ground,
after all the places that I have been banned.
I closed my eyes and placed my hands into the pockets of my pants.
I like to look cool even though when I am sleeping. I wouldn't know if any girls are to be walking pass and drooling at me. I couldn't really toss and turn for fear that I might crumple my uniform. It felt uncomfortable to be fidgeting with a tight belt around my waist too.
And to be sleeping still without adjusting at all, I try my best not to put my hands together and resting them on top of my stomach.
Mainly because...
I would look like I am already dead and resting in peace.

Before I left the bed and went back to work, I gave a short piss at the side.
That would be the mark of my territory and nobody else would be sleeping on it during lunch time except me.


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